Poznań is one of the biggest cities in Poland (fifth in terms of population, the sixth in terms of area). Poznań is a city on the Warta River in west-central Poland, in Greater Poland region. It is best known for its renaissance old town, destroyed during World War II and then rebuilt, and Ostrów Tumski cathedral. The capital of Wielkopolska, Wielkopolska region and the Archdiocese of Poznan. The city of Posen was officially named an imperial residence city, leading to the construction of the Imperial Castle, the Imperial District, the Opera House, new city walls, railway station and many other sites which make a big part of its landmarks to this day. Today, Poznań is an important cultural and business centre and one of Poland's most populous regions with many regional customs such as Jarmark Świętojański, traditional Saint Martin's croissants and a local dialect. Poznan is considered to be the cradle of the birth of the Polish statePoznan is a dynamic economic, academic, scientific and cultural center. Large industrial center (Poznań Industrial District) and services, place of the Poznan International Fair.



Poznań has been an important trade centre since the middle Ages. Starting in the 19th century, local heavy industry began to grow. Several major factories were built, including the Hipolit Cegielski steel mill and railway factory. Nowadays Poznań is one of the major trade centers in Poland. Poznań is regarded as the second most prosperous city in Poland after Warsaw. The city of Poznań produced PLN 31.8 billion of Poland's gross domestic product in 2006. It boasts a General Domestic Product per capita of 200, 4% (2008) of Poland's average. Furthermore, Poznań had very low unemployment rate of 2.3% as of May 2009. For comparison, Poland's national unemployment rate was over 10%.

Many Western European companies have established their Polish headquarters in Poznań or in the nearby towns of Tarnowo Podgórne and Swarzędz. Most foreign investors are German and Dutch companies, with a few others. Investors are mostly from the food processing, furniture, automotive and transport and logistics industries. Foreign companies are primarily attracted by low labour costs and by the relatively good road and railway network, good vocational skills of workers and relatively liberal employment laws.

The recently built Stary Browar shopping center contains many high-end shops and is considered one of the best in Europe. It has won an award for the best shopping center in the world in the medium-sized commercial buildings category. Other notable shopping centers in the city include Galeria Malta, one of the largest in Central Europe, and the shops at the Hotel Bazar, a historical hotel and commercial center in the Old Town.



Stary Browar (Old Brewery) in Poznań                           Pixel Building - Headquarters of Allegro Company


Selected major corporations based in Poznań and the city's vicinity include QXL Poland Sp. z o.o. (Allegro), Poznań, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals SA, Poznań, Grupa Raben, near Kórnik, Poznań metro, Kuehne & Nagel sp. z o.o., Gądki near Poznań, H. Cegielski-Poznań SA, Poznań, and Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z. o.o., Bolechowo, Poznań metro. The abbreviation "Sp. z o.o." stands for "Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością", or Limited Liability Company, the equivalent of British Ltd. or German GmbH. The abbreviation for Public Limited Company (a stock company or PLC) is "Spółka Akcyjna" or S.A.



 Lech Browary Wielkopolskie Andersia Tower (left) and Poznań Financial Centre (right)


Poznań has an extensive public transport system, consisting of trams and urban and suburban buses. The main railway station is Poznań Central Station to the southwest of the city centre; there is also the smaller Poznań Wschód and Poznań Garbary station northeast of the centre and a number of other stations on the outskirts of the city. The main east-west A2 motorway runs south of the city connecting it with Berlin in the west and Łódż and Warsaw in the east; other main roads run in the direction of Warsaw, Bydgoszcz, Wągrowiec, Oborniki, Katowice, Wrocław, Buk and Berlin. An intensive programme of road building and improvement in and around the city is underway in preparation for the hosting of matches in the Euro 2012 football championships. Poznań has one of the biggest airports in the west of Poland called Poznań-Ławica Airport. In 2010 it handled approximately 1.5 million passengers.



Solaris Tramino Tram                                Motorway A2 in Poznań                             Poznań-Ławica Airport



The Poznan International Fair (PIF) Limited boasts of having the longest history as Europe's leading trade fair organization and has emerged out as a front runner of the Polish trade fair market. It is Europe's second biggest trade organizer and ranks 33nd on the world's list of exhibition cities. An expert in conducting high profile events and trade shows, the Poznan International Fair Limited has achieved much international recognition in the exhibition industry. Having created a niche for itself, the company conducts prestigious trade exhibitions, seminars, and events in Poland. Their exhibitions and trade shows have been known to attract millions of trade visitors, hence making PIF a one-stop trade fair center for providing all end solutions to their clients.

Today the PIF is the largest trade fair organizer in Poland (by over 50% of total exhibition area and over 60% of exhibitors). It is the 21st largest fair in the world, with about 50 trade events taking place on its area every year. Area of PIF is over 110,000 m2 (1,200,000 sq ft) indoor and 35,000 m2 (380,000 sq ft) outdoor exhibition space. PIF as a state-owned company - 60% of shares belong to Polish State Treasury, and 40% to the City of Poznań. Poznan International Fair organizes expositions of Polish leaders at over 50 renowned trade shows and exhibitions abroad in such countries as: Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Poznan International Fair has foreign representative offices all over the world. Every year, Poznan International Fair organizes over 1,600 congresses, conferences and workshops and hosts about 100,000 participants at these events.



International Power Industry Fair EXPOPOWER was one of the most important Polish events, gathering the power sector in Poznań for many years. The exhibitions included presentations of companies from the area of power distribution, transmission, generation and sale.

Year after year, the quality of visitors of GreenPOWER has appreciated by the exhibitors who consider the fair one of the best trade fairs related to green energy. Apart from representatives of energy groups to Poznań come private investors interested in energy-efficient technologies and high-tech solutions within the use of RES, representatives of territorial self-government (municipalities, districts, provinces) and representatives of companies operating in tourism, hotel and wellness industry.

                                                    Expopower and Greenpower were a 3 day events held from 10th May to the 12th May 2016 at the Poznan International Fair Grounds in Poznan, Poland. These events showcased products like opportunity to explore market trends, exchange experiences and learn about the challenges and opportunities that the industry is facing etc. in the Power & Renewable Energy industry. The exhibitor profile included conventional, non-conventional, renewable and clean and green energy, power transmission, distribution and conservation systems, process automation and instrumentation, boilers and steam systems, material handling systems, waste management systems, environment monitoring, petrochemical & electrical engineering etc.

This trade fair enabled meetings between thousands of customers who come to Poznań looking for new products and face-to-face contact. It was a trade fair event where customers met and presented their innovative solutions. Innovations in the power sector are an important driving force for the business. This has been confirmed by the growing number of companies enrolling in this year's edition. It was worth registering on the Internet prior to the trade fair not only to avoid queues at the entrance. Online registration in the first place, entitled professionals to gratuitous participation in the fair.




The mission of the African Polish Chamber of Commerce – "ProAfrica" was to support and promote cooperation between Poland and African countries. The Chamber aimed to build and strengthen business relations. ProAfrica was determined to bring together the future business partners from Poland and Africa. 

The African Polish Chamber of Commerce – "ProAfrica" strives to make Poland one of the leading business partners of the African continent.


ProAfrica and EACCIA Cooperation

The African Polish Chamber of Commerce and East African Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (EACCIA) has been collaborating since 2014 when the two chambers signed a cooperation Memorandum of Understanding here in Nairobi. The objectives of this cooperation were:

  • To organize promotional meetings or business talks for projects in all sectors of the economy, such as machinery, electronics, agriculture, textile, ICT, chemicals, extractive sector, infrastructure, construction, logistics, automotive, pharmaceuticals and other related products.
  • To promote cooperation between members in trade and investment in all the sectors referred to in the bullet point above.
  • To sponsor business leaders’ summits, seminars, negotiations, training events to enhance Poland-East Africa extensive exchanges and effective cooperation in the fields of trade, economy, industry, electric power, science and technology, information and communication, human resources, and all other related sectors as enumerated above, etc.
  •  To fully use the information platform to promote trade and trade facilitation, to achieve the website free-connect and sharing the project resource of both sides.
  • Based on requirements and prior consultations, either party shall organize trade and economic delegations to conduct visits and explore business opportunities and challenges and, finally.

  • To share fully the benefits of the cooperation, the parties shall organize different activities in which the specific mode and profit method of the cooperation should be clearly indicated in the specified cooperation agreement.






May 08, 2016
Day 1 – Sunday
Arrival at the Warsaw airport – Warszawa Okęcie
Travel to the Hotel/check-in at the hotel/ time for relax after flight
Welcoming guests and presentation of the African Polish Chamber of Commerce – “ProAfrica” at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities
May 09, 2016
Day 2 – Monday
Meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Meeting at the Polish Bank Association
Meeting and lunch with the Council of Investors in Africa
Meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development 
Sightseeing in Warsaw (old Town, Park Wileński)
May 10, 2016
Day 3 – Tuesday
Visit at Invest in Poland (PAIiIZ)
Visit the Sejm/lunch
Visit of local companies/dinner
Travel to Poznań/Hotel Check-in in Poznań
May 11, 2016
Day 4 – Wednesday
15:00 – 17:00
B2B Meetings at Collegium da Vinci/lunch
Visit at Poznan International Fair, meeting with the Board
Visit Greenpower and Expopower Exhibition in Poznan International Poznań
Supper at the Old Town Poznan
May 12, 2016
Day 5 – Thursday
Follow up with meetings at Expopower and Greenpower Exhibition/lunch
Meeting with the District Governor in Środa Wlkp.
Visit of local companies                         
Supper – Make a bonfire
May 13, 2016
Day 6 – Friday
15:00 – 18:00
Visit at the local government offices/lunch
Follow up - B2B meetings at Collegium da Vinci
May 14, 2016
Day 7 – Saturday
Travel to Berlin
Flight to Nairobi


Prices are for day 15.03.2016
Currency rate at 15.03: 1 USD= 3,85 PLN
Price:  2082 PLN ~ 541 USD
Additional fees, bag fees may apply.


Prices are for day 15.03.2016
Currency rate at 15.03: 1 USD= 3,85 PLN
Price: 1546 PLN ~ 402 USD
Additional fees, bag  fees may apply.



What the companies can expect and achieve during their visit to Poland?

First of all let us say that all the institutions and companies were open for cooperation. The entrepreneurs were involved in B2B meetings during the trade mission. ProAfrica organized the event with Polish entrepreneurs. Therefore the companies were asked to provide the profile of their company which helped to match proper Polish enterprises with which purposeful talks and a possible cooperation would be established during the B2B meetings.This information allowed ProAfrica to match equivalent Polish enterprises in order to provide effective meetings. The companies were chosen according to the profiles of the delegation from the EACCIA.

From 10th May to the 12th May at Poznan International Fair in Poznan held important exhibitions: International Power Industry Fair (Expopower), International Renewable Energy (Greenpower) The Exhibitions were great opportunity to explore market trends, exchange experiences and learn about opportunities in power industry and renewable energy.

ProAfrica welcomed all sectors for this delegation as there were opportunities for partnerships from all and for all.





China Trade Week

MIE Events Group in association with East African Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (EACCIA) are inviting delegates, speakers, sponsors, media groups, corporates, investors, government officials and other professionals to China Trade Week which is a 2 phased-3 day event at the Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC), which will be supporting the China’s One Belt, One Road initiative. This is a comprehensive framework for organizing multinational economic development and trade, which has inspired the creation of China Trade Week (CTW) successfully in Kenya. During the 4th consecutive year of the event in Kenya, it became bigger and better now with its back to back show. Phase 1 with industries including Building Material, HVAC, Lighting, Construction Materials, Water & Environmental Treatment, Furniture & Interior, Textiles, and Print, Packaging & Plastics. Phase 2 with industries from Consumer Goods, Automobile & Auto Parts, Electrical & It and Agriculture.
            Date:   Phase 1 - 5th to 7th June                       Phase 2 - 10th to 12th June            Venue: Kenyatta International Convention Centre            Time:   Day 1 - 9:00 to 18:00                       Day 2 - 9:00 to 18:00                       Day 3 - 9:00 to 16:00 For more information and registration, please click here.


EACCIA team led by the CEO, Charles KAHUTHU and Joyce KIBET met with the visiting delegation from China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), Beijing Sub-Council on 4th June, 2019 at the Heron Portico Hotel, Nairobi during the ongoing China Trade Week, Kenya 2019.     East African Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture signs an MOU during this year's China Trade Trade Week, with China Council for the Promotion of International Trade -Beijing Sub-Council on Wednesday 5th June.   EACCIA supported the China Trade Week 2019 which was held at the KICC, Nairobi, between 5th and 7th June 2019. Our partnership with MIE Events DMCC goes back to 2015, when we partnered with them to host the first China Trade Week KENYA. On the left is EACCIA CEO, Mr. Charles KAHUTHU making his opening remarks and on the right is the Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and ASAL, Mr. Eugene WAMALWA  giving key note address during the opening ceremony.   Joint ACP-EU Private Sector Development Framework: information, knowledge sharing and networking event in Mauritius, 14-17 May 2019. EACCIA CEO attended the event and later participated in a Steering Committee of the “Joint ACP-EU Platform for Private Sector Development” as a representative of the EAC private sector.   EACCIA is a key Partner of the upcoming 5th Edition of The China Trade Week and was represented at the Press Conference at Sarova Stanley Hotel-Nairobi, On Tuesday, 14th May.   On 3rd May, 2019, consultations for the UN Great Lakes Region Private Sector in Kigali, Rwanda.   On 26th April, 2019, members of the EACCIA Board of Directors during their meeting in Zanzibar.   EACCIA CEO witnessing the signing of the new EACCIA Statute by the leaders
of the various chambers of commerce and industry at Golden Tulip Hotel,
Zanzibar on 26th April, 2019.   On 25th April, 2019, in Zanzibar having a meeting with the Zanzibar Minister for Trade & Industry, Amb./Hon. Amina SALUM ALI (in the Centre). Next to her on her left is the Chairman of Kenya National Chamber, Mr. Kiprono KITTONY. EACCIA's CEO, Mr. Charles KAHUTHU on the Minister’s immediate right.      

East Africa Trade Week

In hosting the East Africa Trade Week, our primary objective is to promote economic growth in the region and the continent, at large, through the network of Chambers of Commerce and business associations and to advance the East African Community (EAC) regional integration as well as Africa-wide development agenda, as championed by the African Union Commission (AUC), notably, the Boosting of Intra-African Trade (BIAT) to accelerate and deepen the con t's market integration by ensuring that we realize the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) agenda. The continental chambers of commerce and industry, through the Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PACCI) are some of the key drivers of CFTA. The objective of the EATW is to promote investment and trade through partnerships and joint ventures in key sectors such as agriculture and agro-allied ventures, financial services, small and medium enterprises, textiles and infrastructure. It will institutionalize strategic economic partnership between the East African Community member States, rest of Africa and Globe. It is seen as the beginning of a long-term strategic partnership between the rest of the Continent and East Africa with the rest of the globe for mutual benefits.  The target countries are Burundi, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, Tanzania and Uganda, in the Eastern Africa region. The EATW will also feature some national and regional project portfolios with regional investment and export trade opportunities that require international financing and partnerships. To know more about the event and to participate, visit;  

East African Business Guide

Editorial Foreword From Mr. Charles KAHUTHU - CEO We welcome you to this first edition of the East African Business Guide. We shall endeavour to tell the good story of public private partnership and the integration agenda through this publication. We are witnessing interesting developments and the region’s geopolitical environment is fast evolving. This publication will provide a platform and a mouth piece for stakeholders and members of the national chambers to articulate various issues in the region, such as Infrastructure development, trade facilitation and the integration agenda, among many others. Our Cover Story in the inaugural edition is centred on the delivery of infrastructure in the region which is a fundamental prerequisite in facilitating business transactions. We have also expanded our horizon and looked at issues that do impact on the African continent, including the impact of climate change to us all, and how the continent intends to respond to the risks posed.  Unlike many other platforms, our magazine will be delivered directly to our business organizations, trade facilitation agencies, foreign embassies in Kenya, our embassies overseas, the East African Community Secretariat and all relevant departments of the EAC member states, thereby ensuring that you, our partner, are visible to all the relevant sectors. We want the Guide to be instructive, directive and inspirational. It shall not be a replica of anything else in the industry. We are looking to having the Editorial team and contributors holding round tables with the regional policy makers to discuss some of the content and to push for implementation of the regional agenda. We are also looking to having the Business Guide combining international standards with regional identity, so that readers recognize it is a magazine for East African issues. It shall reflect the mentality of the editorial team and finally, ensure that is attractive in the presentation of information on all pages. The Guide shall have clarity and more value added than just dissemination of news. We are looking at making the publication “digital” after the production of the first few hard copy editions, so that our readers can have easier access to the publication. We want to thank you most sincerely for partnering with us and look forward to continued, and more beneficial, relationship with you and your organization in the coming days.   We are truly grateful for your support! To subscribe, get a EABG Subscription Form here.


  East African Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (EACCIA) has partnered with Nazaru LLC in organizing the 2019 edition of Trade with Africa Business Summit, A platform created to fast-track U.S. trade with Africa. The Trade with Africa Business Summit brings together global leaders, trade experts, policy makers, innovators and change agents transforming the continent in creative ways and leading companies with disruptive solutions. Much work lies ahead and our focus is to increase the number of solution providers focused on Africa to help drive inclusive growth both in the U.S and in African countries. This platform presents a fresh dialogue on Africa, one immersed within a commercial context and with real life stories that depicts what success looks like and serves as templates of what is possible when global leaders lean in to create shared value and significant economic impact. Our desire is that more likeminded leaders would engage as a result of this platform and establish new strategic business partnerships to pursue commercial opportunities in Africa. Topics to be covered include but not limited to: African Growth & Opportunity Act (AGOA); African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), Trade Financing, Sustainable Agriculture, Export & Import, Blockchain in Africa, Technology Innovation, E-commerce, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Women Empowerment. DATE: 1st to 2nd August 2019 Venu: Chicago, Illinois, USA To participate in the event, please follow this link;