What is the PPP PAUN?

What is the Public Private Partnership Project Advisory Unit (PPP PAUN) ?

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) have become increasingly widespread for the implementation of infrastructure projects in many countries throughout the world. The potential benefits are especially attractive in less developed countries where public funds for infrastructure development are clearly insufficient to satisfy demand. In recognition of this, many African countries, including the member states of the East African Community (EAC), are moving to create the necessary legislative and institutional framework to facilitate greater use of PPPs in infrastructure development.

In support of these developments, a substantial body of material is now available for the public sector on good practice in PPPs, and international institutions such as the World Bank and several donor organisations are providing technical assistance and support to governments in the area of PPP infrastructure projects. In comparison, there is very little support available to the private sector in African countries for their participation in PPP projects. As a result of this situation, it is very difficult for local businesses to participate in PPP projects and implementation contracts are generally awarded to large, multinational corporations. Thus the local private sector, though benefiting from the improved infrastructure that results from the project, is unable to gain any additional business directly and an opportunity for indigenous economic growth is lost.

There are substantial obstacles to participation of African SMEs in African PPP infrastructure projects. The potential of PPPs and how they work remains poorly understood, and there is a need for training to address this and to raise awareness. Understanding the idea of the sustainable private provision of public services as a risk-sharing partnership is critical. The establishment of a Public-Private Partnership Project Advisory Unit Network (PPP PAUN) across the EAC is helping to tackle this problem, by developing expertise to improve the capacity of the private sector in the EAC to participate in PPP infrastructure projects.

The PPP PAUN is raising awareness, build capacity and strengthen dialogue with government at local, national and supra-national levels. The network is based on the Chambers of Commerce in the five member countries of the EAC, with the lead PAU located at the East African Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (EACCIA). The PPP PAU Network is helping to build the capacity of existing Intermediary organisations, and help their members to participate in the profitable provision of infrastructure services.


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After the PPP PAUN Project Implementation Technical Team completed its circular mission.


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The PPP PAUN Project Implementation Technical Team was on its third week on circular mission.