EACCIA Investment Mobilization

In principle, a vibrant national business sector and domestic private investment are the basis of growth in any economy. In practice, however, many developing countries and countries with economies in transition face shortages in domestic resources and therefore seek to mobilize external funds for economic growth, including for sustainable development. Foreign portfolio investments have been the largest source of external development finance at the regional and global levels, but foreign direct investment (FDI) accounts for the majority in the EAC member countries in addition to other external sources such as commercial bank lending, official development assistance (ODA) and remittances which can potentially be drawn upon. In order to increase the absolute level of investment funds directed to sectors related to sustainable development and multiply their effectiveness and impact, partnerships between different external and internal sources of development finance and investment are desirable, to benefit from and synergize their unique attributes. An important aspect of partnerships is that they are not only about financing; each partner has unique characteristics and attributes, including technological assets, managerial and professional skills or knowledge of the relevant sector or project. EACCIA supports its constituent chambers and corporate stakeholders to realize this.